Webisodian Media
Organic, affinity publishing that captures the unique interests of a niche audience.

Onboard SMS
Delivering a message that is viewed and read in a timely manner is the promise of an effective communication channel in that 98 percent of the SMS that are sent are read and realize a 45 percent response rate compared with a 6% rate for standard e-mail messages.

Channel Atlas
Channel Atlas creates opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses to sell more and increase audience size through digital marketing that is transparent and trackable.


Bonafide Experts
Remove the guesswork associated with locating specialists who have demonstrated talent, expertise.

Starting Faster
Life’s best instructors have honed their skills over differing periods of time, effort, and through the sacrifice of time. What they have in common are lessons and methods that can mentor us towards reaching a goal faster.

Carried Live
Carried Live, works with your team to create the interviews, conversations that bring the personalities and backstories to your audiences.

Digital Salespeople

Digital marketing tools made available as an ala carte, managed service or on-demand. From sending messages to networking to creating the multimedia for social media. Marketing tools adapted to increase sales opportunities.

– Built For Ecommerce

API Tonic

Access and display a wealth of information and experiences using existing API tools. Harnessing API tools can be a dynamic and efficient way to refresh the customer web experience.
– Refresh The Experience

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