pressDesign & illustration
Illustrate your brand onto mobile devices, sales collateral or any company story or infographic. Our team can assist you with design for your advertising and company materials; postcard, poster, display advertisement, manual, annual report, banner, signage etc.


audioAudio – Let your customers hear you
Let your customers hear you now. Fully implement access and portability associated with audio marketing. Whether a short clip integrated into an inkVOX doc through social media tools like Sound Cloud or a strategic podcast that instructs and reinforces your business model, we can launch the audio experience here within your document. From writing, to music, to editing it – Broadcast Square can help you create the audio experience that supports your client initiatives.                                


video Video – Give your message impact
It’s proven to be powerful and engaging. If you’re not using it to sell and support your clients, you’re missing an e ective took in your customer relationship kit. Video reduces the number of touches required to close the sale. It also reduces the number of phone calls necessary to resolve a support question. We’ll help you script, lm, edit and incorporate it into your customized multimedia document.             


surveySurvey & Incentive
With the powerful combination of audio, video, photography and illustration to digital sell your o ering, the ability to capture and measure client feedback is the metric piece of the multimedia product. Find out what your clients are thinking before your competition does. Capture often and easily by o ering your customers to comment on your services and o er them a coupon or other incentive to thank them for their valuable time and feedback. The customer wins. You win because you gained valuable knowledge quickly and inexpensively. You also the opportunity to communicate with them again.                    

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