Reply Q

An effective measurement tool for your mobile strategy

Increase Visits/Purchase Frequency * Maximize Customer Satisfaction  & Brand Loyalty * Improve Average Ticket Sale

Our simple solutions can help businesses engage with customers via their smartphones, create marketing campaigns, capture and analyze customer feedback, promote specials, deliver coupons, turn guests into regulars and manage their reputation.


share-experienceSmartphone Branded Comment Card Manage, capture and analyze customer feedback sent via a smartphone and deliver instant coupons. Mobile Survey System Capture survey based feedback via customers Smartphone’s and deliver instant coupons. Guest Enrollment Program Built and grow an email list or club membership via customers Smartphone or online join forms and promote specials or marketing campaigns. Loyalty Program Create a custom email base loyalty program that fit your needs and business goals, without the need to buy hardware or cards. Smartphone Instant Coupons Deliver in-store or instant coupons to customers via their Smartphone.


Reputation Report Receive a daily email report on new online/internet reviews written about your business, location & brand. Social Media and Marketing Management Our expert will support you to run social media and marketing campaigns for your businesses. Reputation Management Our expert will help you monitor and engage in conversations with customers and respond to all the feedback – negative and positive. broadcast-square-qrTo understand how our solutions or services can help your business grow or to learn more about current success stories and request a 30-day free trial contact us at:


All these features are included with all our tools

live-sentimentSocial Sentiment Report Gives your management real-time feedback on what people are saying about your products, customer experience, competition and reputation via twitter and the internet. Listen and monitor for:

  • Competitor mentions
  • Customer complaints
  • Good reviews
  • Competitors reviews
  • Pricing & Coupon deals
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Seasonal products
  • Product durability

refine-sentimentVocabulary and Sentiment Refinement Customize the vocabulary for sentiment and term frequency that matches your specific search terms and industry. Defines cores and output for words and phrases to find exactly what you need without getting lost in comment clutter.

email-alertsEmail Alerts and Reports Select frequency and type of alerts or reports to send. Define the email addresses you want to send the results to.

Activity Dashboard Have instant access to key performance indicators and time based analysis that deliver immediate insights and trends about your business, brand, industry or locations. activity-dashboard
Campaigns and Rewards Define campaigns or create rewards to incetivize your customers to visit again or simply to engage and keep building and managing your reputation. feedback-rewards

spreadsheetviewSpreadsheet View Have direct access to the data to drill down to the exact details of the results or download all the data or just snippets of the data to your computer for further analysis.

Reply Q is a SaaS (Software as a Service) suite of cloud based tools designed to help you grow your business by increasing customer frequency, customer satisfaction and engagement. – powered by interstack.

Why use Reply Q?

  • Customer feedback is key to business success.
  • Communication with regulars is vital.
  • Insights and metrics will lead to profits.

Key Benefits

  • Engage your customers via the media they use most.
  • Deliver instant coupons and promote specials.
  • Integrates easily with any existing programs or systems.