Rationale for Multi-media Action.

Social Media Marketing:

Over 66 percent of marketers used some form of social media marketing and 50 percent used viral videos to advance their objectives in 2009, making these two methods the fastest growing options last year according to The Association of National Advertisers.

*Among social networks being embraced by all marketers, the top sites used are:

  • Facebook (74 percent)
  • YouTube (65 percent)
  • Twitter (63 percent)
  • LinkedIn (60 percent)

The Webisodian can help you leverage the social media marketing tools to leverage the rich media content you’ve created so that you find the right audiences to view it, greater site traffic and more business. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, there are additional SMM treasures that can do wonders for your media content.

Optimizing and Managing The Search

Engine Detective taps the best practices necessary for the customers and prospects find your site video and associated service offering. Applying a proven and effective support team, we are able to offer our guaranteed Search Engine Optimization package that repeatedly directs new customers to your site so your multimedia and business offering is the beneficiary.

  • Fine tune your website to ensure that would-be customers can find you quickly
  • Enlist the guarantee to put the correct keywords into your site and increase your sales revenue
  • Have your website optimized and leverage your most effective marketing tool, your website.

Having your content optimized for search is very important. We can help you make certain your content gets found. This might be the opposite of the fabled field of dreams. Build the right field for the correct audience and “they will come.” How do you know where to put your field of rich media assets?


Aggregate the key elements of your rich media into a single application that you can easily promote your content with in the form of a widget on social networking sites, blogs and digital paper sites. As you update your media with new versions, your audience will be treated to the latest. Advertising can also be purchased to allow you to place your media on even more sites of higher visibility and traffic.

*Association of National Advertisers