Channel Podium

Broadcast Square can transform a collection of media files into an interactive slide show, gallery of audio/video files and podcasts to sell your products and services to your customers and make sponsor advertising to make it cost-effective and profitable.
Channel Podium Benefits include:
  • Create a new revenue stream from the high volume of traffic visiting your site with non-intrusive video advertising
  • Build new online information, entertainment or support channel unique to your site that compliments your core business using media
  • Promote events, product launches and services unique to your best customer base
  • ¬†Sales tracking that can be associated with offline and online marketing activities of either sale force
  • Connect with the growing web-based customer marketplace and increase sales with a new and portable device format
  • Reseller programs that can reach 1000s of new potential resellers
  • Identify the audience logging in, registering and buying as a result of the cross-marketing accompanying your offers.