The Webisodian is a media services platform that organizations, individuals and businesses use to create, distribute and promote multimedia for the Internet. We help our customers develop the dynamic content they need to execute their missions such as learning, entertaining, marketing and support on the web to reap the rewards of sharing information with a broader audience. We offer a service to get just about any organization moving.

Viewer Metrics

The Webisodian supports its customers with tools that monitor the performance of broadcast activity and publishing on the Internet making it easy to listen to and understand what your customers are viewing and saying about your content.


Content portability is one of the strongest tenets of today’s Internet media distribution model. Organizations that are publishing media content and want their work to be seen are using RSS feeds and widgets to be seen and shared widely and often. The Webisodian and its media distribution partners leverage powerful tools like these to ensure that your video is syndicated to the largest audience possible.

Network Efficiencies

Procure the ultimate user viewer and listener experiences for your audience by using network connections that ensure optimum data speeds and media playback. Enable the delivery of smooth streaming of audio and video. Performance and organization of your media assets are just a few of the benefits.

Revenue Streams

Add an additional revenue stream to the Internet traffic you’re already generating or could be receiving by putting entertaining, engaging or educational video in front of your audiences. Give audiences another reason to return and stay longer with pay-per-view or subscription-based content.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Use the Square Suite platform to create the customized APIs and developer tools for customized media players, reporting and functionality to fit your audience and user profiles.


Created for content publishers, the Square Suite application makes it easy for media content to be added to a console playlist for simple management that coincides with the presentation of the video in multiple sites. Digital Rights Management gives you the ability to take full control of where, when, and by whom your content is seen.


Our network was designed to accommodate the anticipated growth and traffic of nearly any sized media needs. It is capable of taking you from your starting point to the next rung in your broadcast future’s design wherever your audience needs your content on the planet.

Audience Accessibility

We represent a single solution to assist you in assembling the content development, streaming provider and media player for the very best possible results for live, on-demand, or pay-per-view access across multiple device formats for total syndication


Unleash the potential of developing an in-house programming division that includes quality scripting of films, pilots, or commercials for radio, television or made-for-Internet entertainment. Creativity right out of the box.


The Internet traffic you are generating with your web-based content should be generating a return on investment for your organization. This multimedia programming is your virtual point-of-purchase display. We put your audience, on-demand media and service offering on the same page so that your customers can make an impulse decision to request a sales person’s call or shopping cart purchase.

In The Library

A searchable collection of audio and video clips integrated to an RSS feed represents one of the most effective ways to draw Internet traffic back to the pages on your site you consider most valuable. Online periodicals, episodic entertainment and customer support pages represent just a few of the types of sites that support their audiences with this media.

Your Consultant

Pulling all of these exciting Internet capabilities together to deliver dynamic media for your audiences is as easy as having our development team build the right specifications for your broadcast player solution.