Get Going

21 Feb

Get Going

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The 2016 Nissan GT-R is a high-performance vehicle filled with an array of technological marvels. One of its most heralded attributes is its ability to get the driver or passenger up to speed in a hurry. Really up to speed fast. How fast? It boasts of a 0-60 gallop that can easily knock the wind out a healthy grown male. How fast? 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Moving that quickly down the road isn’t always appropriate or safe – and in some cases can be quite costly now and later. That’s a question of responsibility and not the point of this post. We all dream about having that experience. Owning the car and the feeling the wind in our face.

In business, getting up to speed quickly is almost always a good thing when contrasted with getting there too slowly and too late. Similarly, most business owners and managers spend time looking for best ways to acquire more customers, become profitable and grow in the most cost-effective manner. That quest is never ending. Some businesses do these things better and faster than others and are able to get going faster.

So, a higher performance entrepreneur has two choices: “The first is to take about 20 years and four major setbacks to develop your own best practices, if ever. The second is to put in place high-performance best practices now and get where you want to be up to 90% faster. Either way, your race is already started.” – Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs, Allred, Hansen and Alred.

Unfortunately, but realistically – there is no single “silver bullet” or one-size fits all solution. But, there are some tools within our reach.  In our next post, we’ll look at how we can emulate the use of marketing accelerators to turn multimedia into sales.

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