Diversion Friday – Father’s Day 2016 Edition

17 Jun

Diversion Friday – Father’s Day 2016 Edition

  • Posted by Rodney Williams


If it’s Friday – It’s Diversion Friday at Broadcast Square.  At some point in your busy day, you’ll no doubt be considering how you’ll be spending this Father’s Day weekend.  At the movies, the big story at the box office will be just HOW dominant Nemo’s (voiced by Alexander Gould) counterpart will be in the animated feature, Finding Dory, during Father’s Day weekend. If the 95% Rotten Tomatoes rating is an accurate film barometer, the studio Steve Jobs built will be a blockbusting success.

Dory’s character which stitched periods of forgetfulness and dominant screen time, along with Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) in the Finding Nemo (2003) film about separation of fish from dad.  Heroism, creative thinking, humor and truly scaly grit of fish and fowel, gets Nemo rescued from those scary humans in the first fish tale. In this Disney/Pixar sequel, opening today, Nemo’s counterpart Dory (as again voiced by Ellen DeGeneres),  swims off to a new adventure as the lead fish, who is once separated from friends and family like her counterpart.  Short-term memory loss sets Dory adrift in this adventure of humor and G-rated drama.  The ever endearing formula of determination and perseverance holds it together.

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