The Internet has transitioned from its origin of being solely an electronic brochure
to that of a powerful sales, training and entertainment channel, with rich media
and social networking offering a more powerful way to communicate with audiences.
This underscores the importance of knowing who your audience is, understanding that
audience, and recognizing what they think about your product.

The Webisodian offers a set of tools that provides clients with the important
knowledge necessary to make educated decisions about how to best use their multimedia
assets, how an audience is viewing them, and what the world wide web is saying about
their brand in general. To this end, we guide you on how to insert the tags and
metadata necessary to capture the information you need. These reporting tools will
hone in on the key data that you need to know to remain successful.

Site & Media Player Wise

General Viewer Knowledge into:

  • What video your audience is downloading most often
  • Where your audience is watching it from by Internet Protocol (IP)
  • What time of day they are most often watching your programs
  • How long they are watching in a given sitting

Marketing Knowledge into:

  • Determining what demographic groups are most attractive to advertisers
  • What website links are directing the greatest amount of viewers to your media
  • Which videos are converting the most sales leads and opportunities
  • Which programs are no longer benefitting from video showings

Information Technology Knowledge into:

  • The bandwidth usage
  • Data transfer speeds
  • Remaining storage and archive amounts

Digital Publishers

Digital magazine and newspaper publishers can gain better
insight into what stories or sections of their publications readers are spending
time on by determining:

  • What section links are clicked most frequently;
  • Which media players are converting best and which are resulting in the best sales
  • Which digital news ads are selling best, allowing for dynamic updates of the content