Monetize Your Media:

Your video assets have a tangible value. This value may be substantially enhanced by providing your multi-media assets a “longer tail” than originally purposed. Examine the depth of your rich media’s potential return on investment (ROI), under a few of the following considerations:


Do you or does your brand have a significant fan following or could it by tapping into your star-power and the site traffic you have on the Internet? Are you converting your media into a revenue stream through effective placement as a core niche site destination?


Is it simple for your loyal audience following to find your valuable content? Is the content easily searchable? Could your video library be categorized in a way that would allow a potential advertiser to pinpoint a specific interest and demographic group?


Do you have a media content management system for accepting, assembling and packaging your video assets for viewer consumption? Will your system support the distribution of your media? What are your server, archiving, bandwidth, e-commerce, scheduling and reporting capabilities?

The Webisodian

offers a suite of services that will help you build a strong audience and assemble a cost-effective delivery system for your media and content. Key delivery factors include:


Assuring the content you have gets into your media environment on a consistent and reliable basis.


We will design and implement a content management system for you that has the functionality to support the uploading of files, streaming of the media, transcoding and carries the correct metadata to allow for searchability.


Employing the right protocols to support industry leading ad-supported models of video on demand, pay-per-view and subscription as well as designing and deploying the right payment processing for your business model.