Rationale for Multi-media Action.
The demand for video content will continue to spike in 2010 and
beyond, as business will look to interact with other businesses and
consumers.  This savvy media audience is increasingly familiar with
this content format.  Viewers are more than 50% more likely to remain
focused on ad spots created in video when viewing them online,
validating the vitality of this tool for your campaigns.
The classroom was one of the early proving grounds for multimedia in
student learning.   Today, video is once again pioneering the benefits
of this learning because of its ability to enrich students with a
richer and more interactive learning process.  This collaborative
learning culture has reached all the way to the newest environment,
distance learning and is returning better or equal results than the
traditional instruction paradigm.
Multimedia has no better duo than the combination of digital print and
video.  The rapid shift in preference from traditional television to
online viewing offers traditional publishers of dailies and magazines
an opportunity to expand their revenue base by using rich media that
supports the embedding of media players for audio and video.  Utilize
a feature that allows a publisher to send a link that can be updated
with newer versions and reduce the number of attachments that get
caught in spam folders.  Combine this with print and postage savings
and it becomes a very green alternative.
According to Nielsen’s, “The American fascination with television and
other video content is not easing up, as consumers keep turning to TV,
Internet and Mobile at record levels,” said Susan Whiting, Nielsen’s
vice chair. The opportunity to tap the consumer that gets his or her
entertainment on a mobile device or computer continues to grow.
Repurposing of old content or creating new content to reach an
audience in a 3-screen environment represents a new revenue source.
For December 2009, year-over-year, unique viewers, total streams,
streams per viewer and time per viewer were up, led by 13 percent
growth in time per viewer.
As a specialized niche of entertainment, sports fans are uniquely
prepared to absorb the benefits of multimedia.  As a group that enjoys
participating in live and fantasy league sporting events, interactive
and live multimedia can offer participatory experiences previously not
available.  Live games, recaps, scores, merchandise purchasing, news
and more can each be enhanced through the delivery of streaming or
video on-demand.
Among the many applications available on mobile devices, the
fastest-growing segment in the U.S. was web video, which expanded by
33% to 20 million subscribers/15.2 million unique users, followed by
multimedia messaging which jumped 29% representing 174 million
subscribers/68 million unique users, and audio/application/game
downloads which increased by 25% to 71 million subscribers and 39
million/27 million/23 million unique users per respective download,
according to a recent study by Nielsen.  Women, between the ages of 35
– 54 are the most apt to perform social networking activities.  When
combined, these two separate statistics present significant
broadcasting opportunities.
Build a larger congregation of members and supporters by making your
ministry, outreach and special music available to a larger Internet
audience.  “On Air Ministries” immediately expands your live or
on-demand event venue so that more people can be blessed by your
ministry without physically being in the same airspace as your
production.  By virtue of being able to watch, listen, and participate
from a short or long distance away, your ministry can impact an even
larger support base.