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Challenge Short Attention Spans

Four weeks before your event, a clickable invitation graphic showcases an interview on the homepage of your website. Next to the story, a dialogue box appears requesting a real-time Q&A session. For deeper engagement, a contest winner’s name and picture is also posted at the outset of the conversation. The interview, a podcast link is included in your newsletter, media gallery for social media distribution. You’ve just experienced a Carried Live event.

Carried Live To Your Audience

When your audience pines for more exposure to what is happening at your venue, we can deliver a virtual front-seat experience to audiences and as much private access as you’d like them to have – before and after the event.

How We Do It

You select the event dates that require greater media engagement to spotlight and amplify the words, music and talent that will occupy the stage at your venue.

Carried Live, works with your team to create the interviews, conversations that bring the personalities and backstories to your audiences. It’s as though you had a second news and entertainment team to cover the event yourself.

Audience Value

Audiences have more entertainment choices than ever before. Influence them to choose yours. The Carried Live service gives you an additional media tool to help convert a consumer’s entertainment decision to buying a pair of tickets from you by personalizing each performance with stories and interactive media

  • Sell more tickets;
  • Challenge short attention spans – directly;
  • Increase your contact list and distribution size;
  • Build powerful venue differentiators;
  • Cement your performer favorite status;
  • Create deeper audience experiences;
  • Bring audiences to your venue before and after an event;

How Media Experiences Are Made

We capture media to create personal experiences in stories, live interviews, previews, for behind the scenes access and many other strategic media packages. We then engage with real-time interactive tools. Campaigns and incentives help to distribute the media via newsletters, podcasts, blogs and available social media channels.

Our interviews dig deep to capture the human interest stories that keeps an audience coming back for more.

Carried Live helps audiences get closer to the people on stage – before and after the performance.