6 points sales methodMultiply Your Opportunities
“We help businesses identity, attract and engage with ideal customers to maximize sales opportunities.”

Strategic Sales Program
We develop a totally customized “nuts & bolts”, step-by-step sales process that identifies your ideal customer, attracts your ideal customer to your unique offering, differentiates you in the marketplace and implements a sales management protocol to manage your sales team and growing sales opportunities;

Carried Live
Carried Live, works with your team to create the interviews, conversations that bring the personalities and backstories to your audiences. It’s as though you had a second news and entertainment team to cover the event yourself.

inkVOX Doc
The multimedia tool that digitally introduces your service offering.
We add your business description to a multimedia template that includes video, audio, photography and the skills of our professional writing staff to give you a tool that tells your entire brand story in a short, single document. Your customer can get your entire story in a short amount of time.

Method 411
Today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes beyond merely recording contact information. It’s actually the nerve center that equips you with the time-sensitive information you need to understand your customers better; serve them more thoroughly; attract more of them; keep them buying from you more enthusiastically.

OBB – Automated Social Media Content Marketing Platform
Amplify your website’s organic search ranking and create measurable increases in site traffic and subsequent sales opportunities. Our all-in-one content marketing ecosystem becomes the central nervous system that replaces fragmented content marketing and social media campaigns.

Metrics Interstack
We provide a way for organizations to know what people are saying (in their own words) about the organization, products and services and why they are saying it. We provide real-time monitoring, capturing, text analysis can assign sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) to identify key business intelligence and reporting.

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