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Broadcast live programming to audiences who can seamlessly receive your signal on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Secure the transmission and ensure that only the intended recipients have access to your content. Open or close the stream Utilize reporting tools that provide you with the data to learn how your broadcasts are being viewed to allow you to make changes in programming as needed.
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Effectively combine written and rich media into environmentally digital brochures, business cards, catalogs and guides to produce interactive publications that can boost your customer base and readership. Capture the increasingly mobile target audience that gathers their news, work and entertainment channels through mobile apps. Implement interactivity and build a more loyal following. Monetize the content of your stream with a targeted ad network that ties the demographic interests to sponsors that meet them.
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Mine YOUR Media

Increase the speed and functionality of your digital media assets to provide a more consistent level of customer service for internal or external customers. Implement a media asset catalog that can be easily searched by rich media type, dates, tags and many other variables for safer storage and retrieval. Add layers of security to the assets you store by assigning levels of permission and access. Restrict who reaches the media assets by a levels of access you grant to stakeholders.
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Square Suite

Create a media gallery that carries your branding elements Develop an additional revenue source, such as sponsorship of specific media content or your branded media player window. Deploy a restricted or a subscription-based revenue model that supports when specific media is viewable by whom and with an terminate date or time.
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C.T.P. (Create to Publish)

Generate professional, film quality video that advances your message to an ever-growing audience of mobile device viewers in episodic or feature-film length formats. Produce your own audio or video productions complete with sponsors, jingles, titling and teasers to promote future editions and specific features.